Nothing like your first time???

Well, my name is in print. For real. In a book. That people I don’t know will read. Somehow I feel more frightened than excited. PEOPLE I DON’T EVEN KNOW will read it. I guess that’s the whole point of sending my stories out, but now it’s real…

I’m glad that the book is finally out! I’ve checked out a few of the other stories, and have enjoyed them so far. I don’t have any more publications on the horizon, so this will be it for the near term at least. I’m still writing, still sending my stories out, and sometimes I work on a couple of ideas for novels I have. Which I need to finish, and then send out…  Good thing I have a day job!

Regardless, this is pretty exciting! My goal at the beginning of the year (when I started writing seriously) was to get fifty rejections or one acceptance during 2017. I thought it much more likely I would get fifty rejections rather than the one acceptance. I’m probably not going to hit the fifty, but that’s only because my short story output slowed a bit this summer and I am fairly selective as to where I try to publish. I DID get the one acceptance, which is pretty nice.

OK, back to writing!


First Published Story!

I sold a story to Flame Tree Publishing’s upcoming Time Travel anthology! I wrote this story specifically for this anthology, and I’m very excited it will be included! These books look beautiful, I can’t wait to have one in my hands! I notice I’m ending every sentence with an exclamation point here, but my first published work is worth it!

Announcement link for the anthology:

Looks like it is due out in July.  I’ll keep you posted.